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Pass the Pigs


May the Force By With You Blubber Puss


been to school for a year or two
things the dead kennedys spoke of
no one gives jello biafra love
and expression is expressed by a paparazzi
photo spread someone
holiday inn cambodia
no hollywood
time warner/sony got me
when i say got i mean got good
dead star found in second rate hotel
the cameras flash and the mags will sell
we will all blame the tabloid
but it's really viacom

gotta make yourself look good on the outside
absolutely fabulous
click click magazine
polaroid you can't hide
pop 30 pills to forget about it
wake up in an ambulance ride
they're out there snapping rolls off
of suicides and glory holes
does it take your mind off the company
who let 5000 go
it's so glamorous
may the force be with you blubber puss

wild rumor chase for the press corp flunky
i see i do just like monkey
crap for us r kelly we all get paid more
you can make yourself immortal in the annuls of
corporate sponsored hollywood gossip forked tongue american lore
i have a puss only a mother could love
constructive push or a violent shove
creative marketing a half full cup
glamorize the dark side john q will soak it up
attention dance
pulling down your pants
both barrels blazing now
an offensive stance
scream little baby scream
a drama queen show off
don't let them catch on
don't the sets click off
click click

this is the beautiful world of viacom
may the force be with you blubber puss
[the press is pushing forth slop again]
may the force be with you blubber puss
[we love to listen when your voice breaks in]
may the force be with you blubber puss