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The Insanity of Drayton Sawyer...


this song's called the insanity of drayton sawyer and his hallucination of love brought on by the texas chainsaw massacre part two

not one not three but two
not one not three but two
not one not three

well i'm insane go all the way i got a baby
and i drink her like gravy
train one night i drank too much of her orange crush
and if that's not enough
i bit into one of those hard shelled pepper corns
well she de-railed my love failed her heart sailed
it went right out the window with the evening mail
and in my grief i turned to my younger brothers
i got three younger brothers
i got nubbins
i got no name
i got leather face and we call him bubba
you nap-haired dunce
you had a girl once
why don't you came over here and give your brother drayton a hand

i think it was a cow or a duck or a pig or a bear
i don't know
some sort of big crazy booger

one way or the other it made my mind snap
crackle pop right out of my head
and to the end of my block
past the chainsaw store and hardware shops
gonna tear down the devil's playground
he's gonna tear it down
he's gonna tear it down
i'm drayton sawyer
everlovin' chain saw wieldin'
something else a small business man who's squealin'
there's sex and there's the saw
and sex well no one knows what that is for sure
but the saw is family
have you seen nubbins lately
oh you boys are gonna be the death of me
'nam land
fire in the hole
incoming mail

rumor spreadin' 'round
in that texas town on the shack outside la grange
they gotta lotta nice girls
gotta lotta nice chainsaws
someone took a chainsaw to my back door vent
some sort of crazy freak out mamba jamba accident
and now i've got one small problem
i've got a fire in my mud hole
fire in my devo
fire in my hole
fire in my home
riders on the storm