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Lake Pissippoo (Rapa Nui Syndrome)


there was a lake
go place the blame
go place the blame

there was a lake made by a man
where the water went sour now banned
and oh the toxic limit up too high
poor poor lake man built now dry
like a kick to the crotch of a different name
call it something else still feels the same
sometimes unintended consequence
in the direction/as the credit takers place some blame

there was a lake
go place the blame
go place the blame

there was a lake made by a man
not a man who could walk on the water
but on oil profit land limit now set regret high
best thing to do let the poor lake run dry
but then the powers
who get elected coddled word language of flower
turn the lake into a personal election day golden shower
there was a lake it took all it could take from a man
back that will break like a kingdom built on pillars of sand

there was a self made man
drilled a man made hole
right to the center of this planet
sunk an oil totem pole
a toxic limit like straw made the camel's back
break from stretched limits earth will crack
spit off the humans but kept spinning
around and around and around and around
rapa-nui syndrome chopped themselves to the ground
rapa-nui did you die in vie or there's a lesson to learn
rapa-nui chopped down the tree that will never return

there was a big blue marble that had spun
spin a spider web around a star they call sun
had a little creature that inhabited it
greased the gears the gears to force a better technical fit
there was a house that was built on the ledge
a beautiful mud slide hanging edge
that's quite impressive said the valley below
until the heavy rain came crashing down

john q. public will never know
like dino bask in the asteroids glow
earth's spin do we toss our chips in
do we blame mother nature we should just pin
the tail of this donkey on our own backsides
castles to our egos on the edge of mud slides
a man to mars but ending wars won't take
we're too busy pointing fingers down at pissippoo lake