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Parody of a Parody Called the "Napping Negro" Marketing Scams


skateboard magazinelong long ago
skateboard depicting me as some cute sambo?
laughed out loud at the sarcasm killing joke
known as the issue that featured the deck called the napping negro
what the hell do i speak
of but even though done tongue in cheek
like characterizations of different nations and amos & andy & classifications
fit a mold aesop's fable told
crosses, water, black gold fields burn bold now it's out of my mind
class systems will fold
it's just weird's me out dude, my folks being sold

beating from so long ago
graphic on a skateboard i look like 'sambo'
mississippi sun flesh would bake
i'm the napping negro come on give me a break

napping negro? is that my name?
remnants of the slave trade game?
i'm depicted on a skateboard deck?
a century ago, i was a nervous wreck

maybe the shear sight of me
makes her want to give this lazy
finger licking down my chicken
cotton picker the beating of my life
the napping negro

her name's kelsey
she had a blowout now her hair's chelsea
want to stick her iron cross through me
and her uber boyfriend with a luger
he wants to subdue me her skin she tries to peel
remorse she does not feel
with symbols forged from steel
and love/hate/sex appeal
but your heritage is the same as mine
my sister in their book you sport a tainted bloodline
a tainted bloodline
the napping negro

my smart mouth sister claims she hates my kind
but if the good ol' boys from below the mason dixon discover what she hide in her bloodline
trace our family tree beat tar & feather out of me
apply a firm yet unfair half-breed beating to both our behind
the worst beating that i've ever received
the beating of my whole damned life
i'm the napping negro?