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Push It Down (You Mystery Date Daredevil)

i'll be damned
shrink expand supply demand
i'm in love
push to shove below above
cupid rang
shoot or hang ying or yang
like ping pong
paradox between what's right and wrong

i see it on t.v.
de-humanizing process of success and failure
based upon the dollar and the hour progression
aggression the mind snaps procession
the collapse the downfall
the closer to the decline we crawl

an unprotected genital
a big fat aching skeletal
was wreaking havoc on the horde
the dare-devils whom swallow swords
on their mystery date
are you ready for your mystery date

unprotected genital
big fat aching skeletal
wreaking havoc on the horde
the dare-devils whom swallow sword
just can't seem to find the time
for the insanity running through my mind
i just can't seem to clean the slate
the difference between love lust and hate
mystery date

something happens
in the mind
an evulsion
a twist in time
blame it all on lust
but that won't save you
from biting the dust

damn thing down
go push that damn thing down

cats have nine lives
i've only one
a loaded gun
i call johnson
i am the son
under the sun
father to none
i'm the last one
as i run
i wear a frown
bun in the oven
heart to pound
a weight to hang
in ultra-sound
another child in ghetto
better push my johnson down

go push that damn thing down
before it pokes someone's eye right out