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Pass the Pigs


Zombie Slut


i’m like a puppet on a string
can’t do anything at all
shadow of you at my window
hold my breath while you phone call
one of your so many men to see
pay you for your company
life i lead demon seed
hungry like the dogs you feed

never take a chance
win you over with romance
pressing up against your body
with my butt out of my pants
so big and baggy trousers saggy
refer to her as maggie
has nothing to do with me
no not at all

simple yet complex thing you do
and all the boys they say ‘hey you’

that hooking thing that you kicked in the head
you know there must be something wrong ‘cuz i want you
and you’re holding back
flooding me with all these lies
looks you give
nothing more than a disguise
times you sleaze around
no compromise award
given boobie prize

why do i still want you
with all those things that you do
do all those thing [things you do]

maybe it’s the smell and color of your hair
maybe-’cuz you don’t wear any underwear
maybe-’cuz there’s been v.d. detected
maybe-’cuz i need my head inspected
how can i survive
love someone who’s barely alive
do i survive [barely alive]
do i survive [barely alive]
do i survive

that zombie slut
she turns me on
one look from her
and i’m way gone

that hooking thing that you kicked in the head
you know there must be something wrong
twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder why that prostitute that walks my boulevard
just got in a car and now she’s gone